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ROTRON® Chem-Tough regenerative blowers

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

AMETEK Precision Mission Control (PMC) has released ROTRON® Chem-ToughTM Regenerative (Side Channel) blowers for applications that require safe and efficient handling of corrosive and/or potentially explosive gases such as methane gas extraction and flaring done by the oil and gas industry.

ROTRON’s Chem-Tough technology makes use of low friction polymers and dry lubricants, as well as anodize and hard coat plating, which are an integral part of the blower’s molecular structure.

Regenerative (Side Channel) blowersThe Chem-Tough process offers permanent ‘dry’ lubricity and salt spray resistance. The blowers additionally benefit from compact, rugged construction designed for reliable service at point of operation. They utilize 303 stainless steel motor shafts and hardware throughout along with nickel plated components that further ruggedize the product environmentally, Custom seals are used to assure leak containment.

Regenerative air technology is used to develop correct air pressures and vacuums without the higher energy and maintenance costs associated with larger multi stage or positive displacement blowers and compressors. Operating pressure levels of 10PSI (69 kPa) and ‘air’ flows exceeding 1700 ft3/min are achievable and the blowers can be used in both the ‘pressure’ and ‘vacuum’ modes.

The Chem-Tough blowers are low noise, achieved via the use of lower speed, long life AC induction motors. These motors are ATEX-certified, and explosion proof and have been custom designed for harsh environments. They are additionally UL and CSA approved for Class 1 Group D explosive gas atmospheres for safe operation in potentially hazardous locations.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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