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Best practice explosion technology with Phast 3D Explosions

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

DNV GL has developed new software, Phast 3D Explosions, that enables advanced 3D modeling, increasing both the accuracy and detail explosion hazard evaluations as well as information about the speed of vapour cloud explosion (VCE) analyses.

Phast 3D Explosions can be used in a number of applications, including occupied building analysis, facility siting, escalation assessment, plant layout optimization, determination of design accidental loads on structures and equipment, definition of exclusion zones and in demonstrating regulatory compliance.

Phast 71 3D Explosions - all effect contours.

The key features of the technology are:
Detailed vapour cloud explosion (VCE) modeling. Explosion modeling explicitly considers the interaction of the flammable cloud and identified regions of congestion and confinement in three dimensions, resulting in more realistic assessment of blast potential.

Development of combined hazard contours. Supports the development of combined hazard contours associated with a range of scenarios, weathers and outcome types.

Phast 71 3D Explosions - overpressure contours.

Consideration of directional effects. The wind direction influences the magnitude of the resulting hazard as well as the potential for interaction between a dispersing flammable cloud and regions of congestion and confinement.

Phast 71 3D Explosions - Jet Fire radiation and Flash Fire dispersion distance contours.

‘The 3D modeling functionality in the Phast 3D Explosions module allows you to complete a more realistic and more detailed evaluation of explosion hazards and the blast potential’, said Nick Cavanagh, Director of Operations for Risk and Reliability, Software, DNV GL.

‘With the development of combined hazard contours and the advances in consideration of wind direction, analyses will take less time to run. Also, users will better understand the combined influences in a range of scenarios’, Cavanagh added.

Adapted from press release by Emma McAleavey

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