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ACM Facility Safety releases new safety software

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

ACM Facility Safety has released new SafeGuard Sentinel safety monitoring software.

The new technology presents real time risk information for the facilitation of effective operational decisions; continuously measuring, monitoring and alerting operations and management to process safety risks. It can also deliver contingency plans that can be executed immediately to address issues and reduce risk.

Management can utilise SafeGuard Sentinel to measure how process risk is changing and can benchmark safety performance across process units or entire plants. The new software reveals risks that would normally remain undetected by drawing on information sources such as maintenance and training records, and compares the real time measured risk level with the designed level of risk, providing quantitative, leading metrics showing changes in risk over time.

SafeGuard Sentinel runs on a Windows based server in a plant network, and can be accessed by any device capable of running a browser, including DCS workstations, operator terminals, tablets and smartphones.

Bowtie displays

SafeGuard Sentinel additionally provides ‘Bowtie displays’, which convert pages of hazard and operational study (HAZOP) data into a single graphical visualization.

All risks and mitigations are shown on the bowtie visualizations, which include:

  • Hazardous events.
  • Root causes.
  • Consequences.
  • Preventative safeguards.
  • Mitigative safeguards.
  • Contingencies for safeguard failure.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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