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The digital asset

At ACHEMA AVEVA said that it believed that its role is to assist customers in creating, maintaining and leveraging maximum value from their digital asset, the digital equivalent of the physical assets that are intrinsic to their business. The digital asset is the information core of every project and facility. It is the unification of the trusted information that flows through every system, populates every application, and is embedded in every document and model. It lives in sync with its physical equivalent; a record of change and a platform from which to predict its future.

The information that comprises the digital asset is a critical resource for decision support across the entire project and asset life cycle, and AVEVA are adding capabilities into its application and solutions portfolio to ensure that improved information access and review are available exactly when and where they are needed to deliver better, faster and more informed decisions.

Brownfield engineering

The first key area of the digital asset presented by AVEVA was the next major release of AVEVA E3D which will provide significantly enhanced capability for working with the 3D model, while also combining the 3D model with ‘as is’ asset data in the form of laser scans. Whether for brownfield or greenfield, laser scanning is undoubtedly the quickest and most cost effective means to capture the as is condition of the operating asset. This will become even cheaper to execute as advances in kinematic and hand held capture devices continue. AVEVA is reportedly on the edge of fast and accurate incorporation of field data into design, construction and operations, offering the ability to surface multiple vendors’ pointcloud data as actionable information.

The new HyperBubble technology included in this release expands the user experience of the already popular BubbleView. Users will now be able to fly seamlessly through existing scanned environments with photo realistic quality, no longer trapped within the confines of the location of the original scan. By taking the raw laser scan data, processing it in real time, and taking advantage of the power of the graphics card, AVEVA E3D allows the user to walk through the plant as if on site.

The Cloud

At AVEVA’s stand, cloud computing was a hot topic. AVEVA has solved the problem of how to meaningfully leverage cloud computing for its customers without disrupting their established project delivery and operational maintenance best practices. Unlike other offerings, AVEVA’s cloud computing approach does not require a rethink of how projects need to be delivered. Unlike other cloud offerings that require a customer to jump in with both feet, put the whole project online or nothing at all, AVEVA’s approach fully ensures that its customers retain complete freedom. They can opt to work any project either 100% on premises, or in a fully supported hybrid, or in a 100% off premises environment, entirely based on their project or business requirements.

With AVEVA customers can also deploy cloud computing resources within their existing project practice, and can go entirely at their own pace to suit their specific business and project requirements. There is no retraining, no new workflows, and they completely safeguard their existing investments and intellectual property, technology, people and relationships. And it can start small and scale up as quickly as needed. The ability, through cloud computing, to ramp up resources globally when and where they are needed brings a new era of flexibility and collaboration. With AVEVA’s unique cloud approach, the functional process of design can also remain exactly the same as it does on premises.

Design in context

Design in Context is a new capability introduced into AVEVA’s engineering and design authoring tools. It helps teams to improve the speed and reliability of their design decisions, without adding risk. It puts the entire digital asset at their fingertips, in the context of the object, zone or area that they are working on, from within the design application itself. The tool is simple and intuitive. It is a window into the digital asset within a designer’s normal application. Design in Context proactively lists the relevant additional information from the digital asset to the designer based on the context of what they are working on.

Everything can be reviewed within their core application via an embedded viewer, without having to leave the design environment. This avoids the designer having to go searching for information in other applications and systems, and having to shuffle between tools. This ready access to other project information means design teams can make better, more informed decisions.

Project Voyager

Project Voyager is the development codename for AVEVA’s new way to access and interact with the digital asset. The goal of the project is to help engineers and designers collaboratively make better, faster and safer decisions, about problems that may be rapidly changing and not easily specified in advance. AVEVA reportedly has customers already trailing this solutions, with the first full commercial launch of this technology scheduled for later in this fiscal year.

The new solution is intended to support the widest possible range of activities where intuitive and immediate access to the asset information is of greatest value. Project Voyager combines information management with exquisitely detailed, whole model touchscreen visualisation, to deliver an immersive review environment.

Edited from press briefing by Claira Lloyd

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