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Nalco Champion launches oilfield water management solutions

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Nalco Champion has launched the RenewIQ™ line of oilfield water reuse solutions to help operators reduce freshwater consumption and associated handling costs, from sourcing to disposal.

This new comprehensive lifecycle program effectively cleans contaminants across a wide range of applications and challenges, including freshwater pretreatment and flowback and produced water cleanup or reuse. Built on an oxidation technology platform, the RenewIQ solution is an effective, faster-acting, more environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional nonoxidising biocides.

This new line of intelligent water-reuse solutions yields measurable safety and environmental benefits. Unlike chlorine dioxide, which requires mixing up to three hazardous raw materials in the field, Nalco Champion equipment delivers finished chemistry at the site for improved safety and easy application. Once their useful life is complete, RenewIQ solution oxidisers degrade into environmentally sustainable byproducts, including vinegar and water, following treatment.

Case study

A Mancos shale operator recently chose Nalco Champion to help reduce the amount and cost of fresh water used in their overall hydraulic fracturing operations in New Mexico. It was increasingly difficult to obtain water and the escalating cost of acquiring enough to support activities made this strategy untenable. Nalco Champion collected fluid samples; identified incumbent chemicals used by the operator; conducted a series of performance tests to assess the antimicrobial performance; and recommended its RenewIQ solution. Since replacing the incumbent technology, the operator reduced their total water-treatment cost by 25%.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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