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Applied Instrument Technologies introduces the ANALECT® RefinIR™ analyser

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Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Applied Instrument Technologies Inc. (AIT) has announced the introduction of the ANALECT® RefinIR™ system. This system represents the next generation in lab automation and process development for the refining industry.

The RefinIR is a fully integrated laboratory auto-sampler and FTIR instrument, which delivers automated spectral data acquisition of multiple liquid stream samples. The system is designed to advance productivity for our customers processing 24 samples unattended. It can operate at temperatures up to 125°C enhancing its ability to flow even the heaviest crudes.

"The ANALECT RefinIR changes the dynamics of hydrocarbon analysis. The analyser delivers an all in one approach measuring gasoline, diesel and crude oils in a single system," said Joseph LaConte, President of AIT.

AIT's SpectraSuite™ software platform integrates SpectraQ™ for data acquisition with SpectraQuant™ for full chemometric modelling capability.

"Leading refinery companies utilising process analytical tools continue to look for advanced measurement solutions, particularly with crude oil," said Robert Hegger, Vice President for AIT. "This analyser utilises our proprietary XCORR™ protocol to provide seamless transfer of models to our online systems for real-time analysis in fuels blending. Our systems provide significant economic benefit to customers by reducing octane giveaway and facilitating once through processing."

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