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Complimentary sealing systems

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Burckhardt Compression has completed the trilogy of its unique, heterogeneous Redura Sealing Systems. After the successful introduction of Redura Piston and Rod Sealing Systems, the company has launched its Redura Oil Sealing Systems, offering efficiency and low oil leakage rates. With new, patented designs and well established sealing elements the product line consists of a comprehensive range of oil sealing rings and packings.

In a reciprocating compressor, sealing systems on the piston rod keeps the gas within the compression chamber and ensures that the crankcase oil remains in the crankcase. In general, oil sealing systems are faced with large amounts of oil splash from the crank gear, leading to increased oil leakage. Heterogeneously designed, Redura Oil Sealing Systems consist of an elaborate combination of different ring types, each designed to execute complimentary functions in order to achieve the longest mean times between overhaul (MTBO) at lowest leakage rates. The optimised ring design allows the Redura Oil Sealing System to fulfil the requirements of dynamic tightness.

Razor blade technology

The highlight of the system, is its new patented high performance hybrid oil wiper element. With its razor blade technology, a thin bronze blade is accommodated within a non-metallic retainer for precise and gentle oil removal. Designed for universal use the hybrid ring represents lower surface pressure compared to pure metallic versions, which results in longest MTBO.

Demanding applications

Redura Oil Sealing Systems complement the portfolio of Redura Rings and Packings. The philosophy behind Redura Sealing Systems has its origin in 2002 and is deployed in compressor systems from Burckhardt Compression since them. Since its beginning in the 19th century Bruckhardt has focused on reciprocating compressors with long lifetimes and low lifecycle costs.

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