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Natural gas pipeline sampling product news: Nextteq

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Nextteq offers Gastec’s direct-read, water vapour detection tube, Gastec tube No. 6LP, to help evaluate quality assurance for humidity control in natural gas pipelines.

The 6LP tube allows for quick and accurate detection of water vapour concentrations with a specific measuring range of 3 - 100 lb/million ft3.

Meauring water vapour

This tube is perfectly suited to measuring the maximum acceptable water vapour concentration of 7 lb/ million ft3 set by most natural gas distributors, making it easy to maintain gas quality specifications.

The tube’s unique construction results in longer stain marks and greater distance between calibration marks, making it easier to read and improve accuracy.

Gastec’s 6LP detector tube provides the broadest range of a direct-read water vapour detector tube on the market. Additionally, it requires only one pump stroke and takes only 1.5 mins for the standard measuring range of 3 - 40 lb/ million ft3.

The importance of measuring water vapour

When processing natural gas, water vapour is commonly removed to improve gas quality. For ongoing quality assurance, water vapour levels are regularly monitored. If methanol is present in the gas, it can interfere with water vapour measurements and require extra analysis and calculations to determine the correct water vapour level.

For a precise measurement, Nextteq offers a Methanol Correction slide card which provides a simple, on-the-spot correction factor.

The methanol correction slide card

The Methanol Correction Slide Card, for use with Gastec Gas Detector Tubes 6LP (water vapour) and 111L (methanol), easily expedites the analysis and reduces the risk of miscalculations.

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