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GE introduces dual seal pneumatic actuator

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

GE Oil & Gas has introduced the Dual Seal Pneumatic Actuator, which uses an innovative dual-sealing system to help operators reduce unplanned production downtime by improving the reliability, efficiency and maintainability of well operations.

Suitable for a wide range of production tree and flow line applications, the Dual Seal Pneumatic Actuator is manufactured to deliver reliable open/close performance for control of wellbore or pipeline fluids and hydrocarbons. A key benefit of GE’s new actuator is the redundant diaphragm/piston sealing system that provides a secondary sealing system to maximise uninterrupted production and increase reliability.

“The innovative modular design of the Dual Seal Pneumatic Actuator allows for the potential utilisation of a smaller actuator size depending on available supply pressures, providing a robust solution for greater field optimisation,” explained Phil Mason, President - pressure control for GE Oil & Gas.

“This unique pneumatic design is capable of operating at supply pressures up to 250 psi, providing an advantage over traditional pneumatic actuators in the market.”

GE’s patent-pending bonnet connection on the Dual Seal Pneumatic Actuator allows for easy installation and removal of the actuator from the valve for improved efficiency. From a maintainability perspective, the top shaft functionality is designed to reduce field maintenance time.

Adapted from press release by Katie Woodward

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