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Pepperl + Fuchs at ACHEMA

Hydrocarbon Engineering,


The FieldConnex fieldbus diagnostic handheld from Pepperl + Fuchs is a mobile device that makes it easy to install and use the fieldbus infrastructure. Intuitive operation of the device was a key focus during the development of the FDH-1. In quick check mode, the handheld can be operated without any previous knowledge. The user simply connects the handheld at any point on the segment and starts checking the physical layer with a single push of a button. If the quality of the installation is optimal, the handheld reports ‘no fault’. In the event of deviations, the device displays the messages ‘maintenance required’ or ‘out of specification’. These messages are in accordance with NAMUR recommendation 107, which is standard in the process industry.

Remote I/O Systems

The Remote I/O Systems were presented at ACHEMA which enable conventional field devices to be connected at control level via a serial bus. The Remote I/O Systems take into account the requirement to gather the input and output points in the field near the sensors and actuators. As a result, these systems are often installed in hazardous areas in Zone 2 or 1. Remote I/O Systems represent a way to migrate from old to new technology and make it possible to switch from one technology to the other. In doing so, remote I/O devices capitalise on the benefits of fieldbus technology and the conventional wiring setup. The spectrum of applications for remote I/O in process automation ranges from the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, and oil and gas industry to the pharmaceutical industry, process industry, food and beverage industry and water treatment industry, all the way through to hazardous areas in machine and plant engineering.


The 6 mm wide signal conditioners for the SC-System from Pepperl + Fuchs are equipped with a bus system for providing the power supply and communicating fault messages, as well as universal splitter and a millivolt measuring transmitter. With these two new modules, the extremely compact signal conditioners are now available for all analogue measuring signals, from isolating amplifiers to passive isolators and high performance temperature converters.

Solution engineering

Through its network of solution engineering centres (SECs), Pepperl + Fuchs provides engineering solutions and tailor made system solutions for customers all over the world. By following standardised, highly efficient processes, these SECs develop, manufacture, and deliver over 35 000 individual solutions a year. The SEC in the southern German city of Buhl is a prime example of how efficient these centres are. In the last five years, this centre has worked continuously to standardise and optimise processes. As a result of these improvements, the centre can now process approximately 60 projects per week to very tight schedules. To achieve this level of performance, the centre implemented a range of measures, including the optimisation of throughput times in production and switching from parallel production to the one piece flow principle.


While the first wireless technology applications were limited to supply monitoring processes, now WirelessHART can be integrated into process control for ball valves, fans and other mechanical devices. The WirelessHART discrete I/O field device presented on the HMI can capture digital input signals and switch digital outputs up to Zonw1. NAMUR sensors or mechanical switches are used to determine the direction of rotation and monitor the frequency of an engine or the fill level of a tank using limit value switches. What is more, it is possible to intelligently monitor the position of valves by measuring the breakaway time and runtime of each opening and closing process the valve performs. In this way, blocked valves can be detected simply by measuring time. Depending on the version of the four wireless field devises, equipment such as valve position controllers, low power piezo valves, motor switches, and pumps can be switched on or off via the outputs.

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