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Bilfinger at ACHEMA

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Bilfinger’s booth focused on engineering, automation, biotechnology, energy efficiency, innovative mobile maintenance services and slotted screen technologies. In addition to talks with experts, the company offered visitors a wide range of presentations. The presentations took a look at how a bioreactor works, innovative process analytical technology solutions, intelligent slotted screen technologies for industrial water management and much more.

3D plant design

Tebodin and Tebodin Peters Engineering are the driving force behind Bilfinger’s activities in the field of engineering. Both subsidiaries have special expertise in the planning of industrial facilities and power plants. Tebodin Peters Engineering showcased its experience in digital plant design at ACHEMA. It included laser scanning, which allows the precise measurement of 3D objects as well as the D software PDMS, that helps designers create detailed computerised modules of industrial facilities already during planning phase.

Integrated engineering

With its engineering, automation and control division, Bilfinger provides solutions for the entire lifecycle of industrial plants, from planning and development processes to maintenance and specific modernisation measures. This type of complete solution for industrial customers is the only one of its kind anywhere in the world, and it is only possible thanks to Bilfinger’s comprehensive expertise and many years of experience handling all aspects of industrial services. At ACHEMA, the division used customer examples to present its extensive range of services.

Maintenance concept

The increasing complexity of systems and ever shorter market cycles are leading to constantly increasing customer needs within the industrial services sector. Bilfinger has reacted to this trend and has developed comprehensive, systemised and practically oriented documentation for industrial maintenance: the Bilfinger Maintenance Concept (BMC). Featuring over 30 methods and tools, it offers customers maximum flexibility and ensures competitive advantages. As a result, BMC represents the global state of the art in its field and is creating major market buzz.

Process analytical technology

Bilfinger Maintenance GmbH specialises in the maintenance and systems technology of industrial plants, offering an extensive range of services in the field at ACHEMA the company demonstrated how customers can effectively save costs by using process analytical technology (PAT). PAT measuring points facilitate the optimisation, analysis and control of technical processes. In this regard, the Bilfinger subsidiary offers everything from level specific to full service. The company is also took advantage of the trade fair to present the HKW monitor, a proprietary product for effectively monitoring potable, industrial and process water.

The HKW is an analyser that continuously monitors potable, industrial and process water for the presence of halogenated hydrocarbons. Additional benefits of the system include a short response time and extreme sensitivity to chlorofluorocarbons.

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