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AP2E at ACHEMA 2015

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At ACHEMA 2015, AP2E presented the ProCeas® H2 Trace analyser, the first device in the world able to measure hydrogen in infrared by resonant cavity laser spectroscopy. The ProCeas® H2 Trace analyser enables direct continuous measurements of low levels of hydrogen in a chlorine matrix or other gas for real time monitoring and control of industrial processes. This instrumentation enables a quantitative monitoring with LOD up to 3 ppm.

Depending on the concentration, a mixture of H2 and Cl2 and chlorine gas can be flammable or explosive. For this reason hydrogen needs to be monitored continuously in order to keep the gas composition within the flammability limits but direct observation of hydrogen is difficult. Current technologies that use infrared spectroscopy allow only an indirect measurement of hydrogen in chlorine. Indeed, the method consists in measuring by infrared spectroscopy the hydrochloric acid formed by addition of hydrogen and chlorine in a burner at high temperature. This technique is laborious and prone to inaccuracies.

The ProCeas® H2 trace analyser is based on a patented cavity enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy technique OFCEAS (WO 2003031949) and a patented low pressure sampling system (W0 2010058107).

  • OFCEAS is an infrared light laser technology feedback providing an exceptional and extremely high precision analytical performance (from sub PPB to %) in both simple and complex gas mixture. Its feedback technology gives the equivalent of a digital spectral response of the absorption of the analysed gases. An optimised resonant optical cavities technology generates a very long optical path (10 km instead of the 10 metres in conventional FTIR and NDIR technologies).
  • The low pressure sampling system for gas extraction and transportation allows for avoidance of the condensation phenomenon, the risk of chemical absorption/desorption as well as the cost for heated sample gas line. This device allows a low maintenance while maintaining a very short response time of only a few seconds.

AP2E also presented the LASERCEM®, an easy to use solution for CEM’S online gas analysis, at ACHEMA. The LaserCEM is a complete precalibrated multi component (NO, SO2, CO, HCl, CO2, H2O, H2S, NH3, N2O, COS, SO3, CH4, HF) laser infrared spectrometer for CEMs analysis: waste incinerators plants, refineries and cement plants.

Adapted from press release by Rosalie Starling

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