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Coatings measurement

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Fischer has developed the FA100 probe to ensure that coatings are the appropriate thickness, preventing corrosion and providing insulation. The probe fully covers the thickness range of up to 100 mm.

The FA100 can be connected to the FMP range of coating thickness handheld instruments, allowing mobile use when needed, Compared to ultrasonic instruments, the FA100 plus FMP combination provides more accurate results and easily handles multi-layer structure without negative influence, irrespective of coating material type.

Measurements of coating thickness can be achieved by sliding the FA100 probe lengthways or sideways over the sample surface. In automatic measurement mode, the gauge screen shows a graphic representation of the coating thickness which kelps the user to assess coatings for evenness (concentricity/eccentricity).

Final results are written to PDF via the DataCenter software. Measurement area pictures and thickness annotations can be stored in application memories assigned to job sections, shifts or operators.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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