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SiGNa opens new manufacturing plant

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SiGNa Chemistry has announced the opening of a new manufacturing plant and technical research centre to support the company's efforts to develop environmentally friendly products that are based on a stabilised alkali metal platform. The materials produced at this facility are used for a number of enhanced oil recovery applications throughout North America. The fast growing startup is already nearing plant capacity and is in the process of planning for its second manufacturing facility.

SiGNa is a specialty chemical manufacturer that produces a portfolio of stabilised alkali metal products. The company focuses on developing clean, high performance chemical technologies that benefit a variety of industries, including industrial chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and oil and gas recovery. SiGNa, which was founded in 2007, expects that the 25 000 ft2 facility in Rochester will create 37 permanent jobs and 75 ancillary jobs over a three year period.

There are many important new industrial applications for SiGNa's products, which are often cleaner and more environmentally friendly than the legacy chemicals used today. Research that is completed at the new Rochester Technology Centre will lead to new products that minimise the environmental impact in a number of industries including enhanced oil recovery, petrochemical refining, wellbore and pipeline cleanout, and paper and rubber manufacturing.

"This continued expansion of our manufacturing capacity will allow us to meet the demands of our customers throughout the global heavy oil industry; customers that are looking for more effective and greener solutions," said SiGNa President and CEO Michael Lefenfeld. "Our new facilities will also support new research and lead to the commercialisation of new chemical products that ultimately leave a smaller global footprint."

SiGNa plans to further expand its manufacturing capacity to meet the oil and gas industries' growing demand for greener and more efficient chemicals. The company has a proprietary process to transform pure alkali metals into safe, easy to use materials that deliver significant improvements in yield, throughput, and cost. Its chemicals produce only benign byproducts and cause less impact on the environment.

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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