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Honeywell launches new chemical research business

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Honeywell has announced the launch of a new business, Honeywell Research Chemicals, that will now include several brands and solvent and inorganic chemical products that were acquired from Sigma-Aldrich in December 2015. Honeywell Research Chemicals combines more than 200 years of industry expertise and experience with a level of customisation that meets the fast changing needs of advanced researchers, who require a reliable supply of critical reagents and solvents in the analytical testing, drug discovery and applied materials sectors.

Advanced research has undergone significant changes in recent years, triggered by changes in the life science and drug discovery markets, and increasing consumer interest in everyday science applications that affect their quality of life, such as food safety and air pollution. Researchers have come to expect chemical suppliers to provide a convenient e-commerce experience, along with innovative supply chain solutions, that are tailor made to their exact specifications.

“Our customers are looking for a supplier that can be trusted to be with them through every step of the research process, from small scale to development to production,” said Arnaud Verhaeghe, General Manager of Honeywell Research Chemicals. “Honeywell has the ability to not only provide catalogue products that meet and exceed expectations, but also to provide exceptional customisation in terms of product specifications, quantity and delivery that assures customers they always come first.”

Honeywell Research Chemicals is fulfilling customer expectations. Following an extensive evaluation of customer behaviour in the solvents and inorganics sector, Honeywell also launched a purchasing website to accommodate a growing demand from lab managers for faster and easier ways to manage their inventories. The new website matches the changing nature of chemicals purchasing, making it simple, easy and convenient for users to quickly find and buy products.

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