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Albemarle receives Diamond Award for Excellence in Environmental Leadership

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Albemarle Corporation has announced that is has received the Diamond Award for Excellence in Environmental Leadership by the Arkansas Environmental Federation for its bromine recovery unit located in the Magnolia, Arkansas facility. This is the second time that Albemarle has received this award. In 2003, Albemarle’s Wetland Mitigation Bank in Magnolia received the Diamond Award for Excellence in Environmental Leadership.

The award recognizes companies that demonstrate initiative and/or leadership in managing their environmental affairs. The winner was determined by an independent panel appointed by the Board of Directors of the Arkansas Environmental Federation.

Albermarle’s bromine recovery unit (BRU) is a sustainable waste and energy reduction operation. Instead of sending brominated waste off-site for disposal, the BRU provides a means to reprocess both solids and liquids to recover bromine for reuse. The benefits include conserving natural resources, like the brine reserves which make the bromine operations in Magnolia possible, eliminating off-site handling, transportation and disposal of these brominated wastes, and creating a more efficient production operation with lower energy needs. During 2013, the BRU eliminated off-site disposal of over 3.4 million lbs of material and reclaimed 1.6 million lbs of bromine.

Ron Zumstein, Albemarle senior vice president, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Process Excellence, commented: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Albemarle. We are honoured to have received recognition for our employees’ efforts designing and operation the bromine recovery unit. Our employees are committed to protecting and enhancing the communities where we operate. This project is a testament to our team’s unique ability to deliver innovative products and processes that meet the growing demands of our stakeholders”.

Adapted from a press release by Emma McAleavey.

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