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Global refining and petrochemicals news: 10 June 2015

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Reports say that Iran, China and Indonesia have settled on an agreement to construct a refinery on the East Java island. The plant will have a processing capacity of 150 000 bpd of heavy crude. The joint venture will reportedly see Iran supplying feedstock and partial financing while China will provide the majority of the funds required at 85%.

The Caribbean

It has been reported that after a haze gas was being experienced by residents of Willemsad, Curacao coming from the Isla refinery. Residents are now experiencing a green substance covering the Wishi neighbourhood. Many static items have turned green on the side nearest the refinery and residents are demanding that the authorities investigate this phenomenon.

Middle East

It has been reported that Sohar Port, Oman has begun implementing the Majees Reclamation Project, which is a petrochemicals project. An invitation has also been issued for contractors to begin submitting bids. Contractors are reportedly bidding for the construction of a 1.5 km bund that will allow the land behind it to be reclaimed.


It has been announced by the Mayor of Devils Lake that a committee from the city has finished work on a proposed development agreement for a refinery on the western edge of the city. Eagles Ledge Energy have proposed the plant and the company along with one of its subsidiaries will reportedly have to make a payment to the city that is equivalent to 2.5% of the refinery’s annual earnings before tax deductions and others.

Unita Council has voted unanimously against leasing land to Evanston Energy Inc., to build a refinery. It has been reported however that the project was not completely disregarded and the council are apparently discussing the possibility of selling the company the land they require. Community safety and employment issues are all now in discussion.

The Sinclair Casper refinery in Wyoming has recently announced that it has completed a three year period without any lost time injuries amongst its 140 employees. This is the same as approximately 800 000 working hours without lost time due to injury.

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