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October 2023

The wait is over – World Fertilizer’s brand-new October issue is out now! Argus Media Consulting Services kicks things off with a comprehensive overview of the sulfur market. Our wonderful front cover sponsor, Clark Solutions, then goes on to give the seal of approval’ to the development of safer alternative sealing devices for candle filter mist eliminators. The new issue features a host of technical articles on the topics of conveying and handling, phosphates, smart fertilizers, and much more. Don’t hesitate to dive into the new instalment of World Fertilizer right now!

This month’s front cover is brought to you by Clark Solutions.

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The Sulfur Market: Risky Business
Claira Lloyd, Argus Media Consulting Services, UK, outlines the looming risks to the sulfur market and the factors which could destabilise supply, demand and price cycles.

The Seal Of Approval
P.C. Bautista, E.H. Almeida and A.H. Rossi, Clark Solutions, Brazil, disclose the drawbacks of traditional sealing cups for candle filter mist eliminators, and discuss the development of safer alternative sealing devices.

A Catalyst For Growth And Innovation
Hadrien Leruth, Prayon, Belgium, discusses the vital role sulfuric acid plays in phosphorus chemistry, and how it is acting as a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Unleashing The Potential Of Smart Fertilizers
Nikolay Ketov, Stamicarbon, the Netherlands, explores the benefits of coatings in enhancing fertilizer efficiency and decreasing its environmental footprint.

Small Steps, Big Results
Shane Le Capitaine, FEECO International, USA, suggests some strategic ways that phosphate fertilizer plants can be improved.

A Passion For Problem Solving
Allen Twidell, Martin Engineering, USA, describes a new collaboration with Doyle Equipment Manufacturing to ensure continuous dry fertilizer flow.

Counting The Cost
Leslie David, Dunlop, UK, examines the most effective way of evaluating conveyor belt cost efficiency in the fertilizer industry.

Aiming For Corrosion-Free Amine Column Production
Colin Bateman, Integrated Global Services (IGS), UK, investigates the science behind amine column corrosion in ammonia plants and examines the mitigation strategies available to fertilizer producers.

A Strategic Approach
Rochman Goswami, Cailee Crist and Greg Tanck, Black & Veatch, USA, discuss how process industries like the chemical manufacturing sector should consider data-driven, strategic approaches in order to be effective when looking to deploy sustainability initiatives.

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