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October 2022

The October issue of World Fertilizer begins with a regional report on the UKCS from ICIS Fertilizers. The rest of the issue includes articles on sulfur and sulfuric acid, conveying and handling, reformer technology, phosphates, process analysers, and emissions monitoring.

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Guest Comment

A Bumpy Ride
Andy Hemphill and Erica Sesay, ICIS Fertilizers, UK, share their insights into the state of the sulfuric acid market, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russia/Ukraine war.

Cutting Out Corrosion
Luiza Esteves and Angela Philipp, Alleima, USA, outline the best corrosion-resistant alloys for sulfuric acid applications.

Scrubbed Up Nicely
A. Milicia, I. Sebastiani, M. Meloni, M. Verri, and M. Gori, Ballestra S.p.A., Italy, consider the advantages of solutions such as hydrogen peroxide scrubbing to convert SO2 into sulfuric acid, whilst abiding by tighter emissions regulations.

Conveying Advice
Rob van Oijen, Dunlop Conveyor Belting, The Netherlands, explains how rubber compounds are able to stand up to the challenges of the fertilizer industry.

Reformers Under Review
Dr. Pablo Cardín and Pedro Imízcoz, Schmidt+Clemens Group, Spain, discuss the development of more sustainable manufacturing processes and the possibility of improving steam reformers to reduce carbon emissions.

Reformer Reformation
Andrew Kline and John Bacon, Integrated Global Services, USA, consider the technologies being used by ammonia plants to increase reformer efficiency and reduce emissions.

Clearing The Air
Iain Hepplewhite and Julie Ashcroft, Johnson Matthey, UK, discuss the importance of reducing N2O emissions from nitric acids plants, and outline the considerations that should be made before installing nitrous oxide abatement technology.

Weighing Up Your Options
Todd Loudin, Neles, USA, considers the advantages of three types of valves used within the potash and phosphate processing industries.

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