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July 2022

The July / August issue of World Fertilizer begins with a keynote article on the global potash market from Rabobank. The rest of the issue includes articles on dust control and loading, HTHA, software and automation, urea, catalysts, and precious metal recovery.

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Guest Comment

World News

When Geopolitics and Potash Collide
Samuel Taylor and Bruno Fonesca, Rabobank, USA and Brazil, discuss the current state of the global potash market, and the effects of the Russia/Ukraine conflict on the sector.

When The Dust Settles
Todd Swinderman, Martin Engineering, USA, explains how fertilizer manufacturers could mitigate the effects of high dust emissions through retrofitting conveyors and thorough belt cleaning.

Modern Day Dust Control
Dr Jaeton Glover and Dr Stefan Kelly, Surface Chemists of Florida, USA, review the current technologies available for dust control in the fertilizer industry and provide a glimpse into the future.

HTHA: A Difficult Threat To Detect
Sean Berg, Daniel J. Benac, and Michael Nugent, BakerRisk, USA, consider strategies to mitigate the risks of HTHA such as operating below Nelson Curve limits.

On The Road To Optimisation
Leo Rams and Luc Dieltjens, Stamicarbon, The Netherlands, explain why process optimisation is essential in the face of the growing global demand for food and fertilizer.

Head In The Cloud
Kim Braad Carlsen, Topsoe, Denmark, explains how cloud-based analytics software could help the fertilizer sector optimise its operations and prevent unscheduled downtime.

Measuring Up To Expectations
Rolf Weiss, thyssenkrupp Fertilizer Technology, and Marc Wieschalla and Tobias Birwe, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions, consider technologies in the urea sector designed to meet regulatory and sustainability requirements.

All About Emissions Abatement
Daniel Quinonez, ECS Catalyst, USA, discusses how overall catalyst performance and NOX and N2O abatement of NSCR systems in the nitric acid industry can be improved.

Precious Metal Matters
Brad Cook and Juergen Neumann, Sabin Metal Corporation, USA, discuss a range of methods for precious metals recovery in the fertilizer industry.

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