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September 2013

September is one of our biggest catalyst issues of the year and this month be bring you articles from ART, BASF and Criterion. We also take a close look at clean fuels and energy efficiency with a peak at everything from flaring to the new US Tier 3 policy. This issue also looks at risk assessment, corrosion and storage.

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World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions

The swinging pendulum
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, discusses changes in US oil supply and demand

Cleaned right out
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, discusses the significant challenges facing renewable fuels

A higher tier
David Wall, Trinity Consultants, USA, discusses Tier 3 low sulfur gasoline regulations and their effects

Heat recovery
Kirk S. Wesselowski, Zeeco, USA, discusses the proper application of preheaters and oil heaters for thermal oxidisers in gas processing facilities

Triple play, triple profits
Douglas C. White, Emerson Process Management, USA, discusses how refining companies can make a ‘triple play’ on their investment; modernising plant operations in order to simultaneously reduce energy use, reduce carbon emissions, and increase profitability

Limiting losses
Osman Kubilay Karan, Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation (TUPRAS), discusses the importance of good hydrocarbon management in the face of upward trending crude oil prices

1 2 3 Fire!
Brian Marshall, Alexis Haro and Max Sed of Softbits Consultants, UK, discuss the alternatives available for fire relief loads and identify the potential problems in choosing the wrong methods

Bottoms up! Part One
In the first instalment of a two part series, Vasileios Komvokis, Carl Keeley and Stephen D. Challis, BASF, discuss the use of catalyst fundamentals in catalyst selection

Maximising pygas operations productivity
Yuzoh Satoh, Clariant, Japan, Stefan Brejc and Paige Marie Morse, Clariant, Germany and Ian Buttridge and Joseph Gentry, GTC Technology, USA, outline the recent catalyst and equipment developments capable of maximising pygas operations productivity

Flexibility through catalysis
C. W. Olsen, Woody Shiflett, Dan Torchia, Advanced Refining Technologies, USA, and Dave Brossard, Chevron Lummus Global, USA, discuss the best ways of optimising hydroprocessing catalyst systems for hydrocracking and diesel hydrotreating applications

Enhancing catalyst performance
Lawrence S. Kraus and John A. Smegal and Karl M. Krueger, Criterion Catalysts & Technologies, USA, discuss methods of improving ultra low sulfur diesel catalyst performance and feed flexibility in low pressure units

Constraining corrosion
Ksenija Babic-Samardzija and Lawrence N. Kremer, Baker Hughes, USA, outline the most effective approach to measuring, predicting, and mitigating corrosion risk in amine scrubbing units

Corrosion repair
Thomas Kline, STRUCTURAL, USA, discusses the best strategies for anchor bolt repair in petrochemical environments

Shake your moneymaker
Dr. Werner Arts, LAR Process Analysers AG, Germany, explores the potential of TOC analysers for cost saving and money making in refinery operations

Tank cleaning cost structures
Søren Hubert Petersen and Aleksandrs Vdovins, Oreco A/S, Denmark, discuss cost structures in storage tank cleaning and identify the most cost efficient way of performing tank cleaning jobs

The best of both worlds
Gary Williams and Steve J. Elliott, Invensys Operations Management, UK, take a look at modern risk assessment techniques for plants, including how to deal with threats from cyber security

15 questions with gpae
Keith Thomas, Vice President Project and Business Development Gas, E.ON New Build and Technology GmbH; Chairman, Gas Processors Association Europe, talks about the world of gas, his first pet and time travel

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