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September 2010

Hydrocarbon Engineering’s Contributing Editor opens the September issue with the remarkable story of China’s refining industry and its participants. Following this are a number of fascinating articles looking at new catalyst technologies, ways to increase safety, as well as case studies of refinery expansions and retrofits.

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World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions.

China: the refining Colossus of Asia
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, reports on China’s oil industry paying particular attention to the country’s refining sector and its participants.

The stamina test
Martin Kraus, Natalie Kiser and Qi Fu, BASF Corporation, USA, and John Finch and Orson? Thornton, Big West Oil, LLC, USA, present a new resid FCC catalyst technology for maximum distillates yield.

Promoting low NOx
Jose Fernandes Inverno and Tania Lopes, Galp Energia Refinaria de Sines, Portugal, and Maria Luisa Sargenti and Fernando Sanchez Arandilla, Grace Davison, Germany, discuss the application of a low NOx combustion promoter at the Galp Sines refinery.

Choosing the advanced option
K.Y. Yung, Albemarle Corporation, The Netherlands, and Ken Bruno, Albemarle Corporation, USA, discuss advanced fluid cracking catalysts for maximum residue conversion and maximum propylene operation.

Cracking the code for optimisation
Ray Fletcher, Intercat Inc., USA, looks at unconventional methods for increasing propylene yield in residue operations.

Safer with Sulfur
Will Cross, Chris Kapraun and Todd Vogt, CDTECH, USA, and Maurice Korpelshoek, CDTECH, The Netherlands, consider alternatives for HF alkylation.

The second step
Brendan P. Sheehan, Honeywell Process Solutions, USA, and Xin Zhu, UOP, a Honeywell Company, USA, present a holistic approach to reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Emissions education
Stephen Harrison, Linde Gases, Germany, provides an update on emission monitoring and detection.

The impact of emissions
Earl Goetheer, Henk Trap and Sven van der Gijp, TNO, The Netherlands, focus on the emissions aspects associated with post combustion capture of carbon dioxide.

Construction in Colombia
Masoud Deidehban, CB&I, USA, and Orlando Cabrales, Refinería de Cartagena S.A., Colombia, describe the expansion of the Refinería de Cartagena S.A. refinery in Colombia.

A quick cleanup
Dave Coret, BJ Services, The Netherlands, explains how automated mobile flaring technology eliminates residual gas while complying with environmental regulations.

A dynamic future for flare design
James Marriott, Process Systems Enterprise Ltd, UK, and Brian Marshall and Alexis Haro, Softbits Consultants Ltd, UK, illustrate how modern computer dynamic analysis and detailed evaluations can yield significant savings in both weight and cost of flare and relief systems.

Getting it right
Frank Rizzuto, AMEC Americas Limited, Canada, discusses the importance of making ‘beyond zero’ safety a benchmark in design, construction and operations.

Asking the correct questions
Nelson J. Acosta, HMT Inspection, USA, discusses above ground storage tank inspection procedures.

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