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November 2021

The November issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering takes a closer look at the energy transition, and the steps our industry can take to meet net zero targets. Features in this issue include catalysts, compressors, equipment surveys and advanced analytics. This issue also includes a special Q&A with leading experts in pumps and valves technology.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Elliott Group.

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Sub-Saharan Africa: can downstream move up?
Contributing Editor, Nancy D. Yamaguchi, explains why there is emerging hope for the downstream sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A running start to net zero
Ken Chlapik, Dominic Winch, and Carl Keeley, Johnson Matthey, outline why it is important to use all of the tools and technologies available today to reduce CO2 emissions in order to achieve a running start to net zero targets.

The key role of catalysts
Dr Meritxell Vila, MERYT Catalysts & Innovation, Spain, explains the importance of catalysts in processing CO2 to chemicals and fuels, and takes a look at the latest research from experts in the field.

An iron will
Qianqian Liu, Zhenyu Chen, Haitao Song, Chunfang Chen, Rui Bai, Ning Li and Liqiang Liu, SINOPEC, China, explore the application of a high iron tolerant catalyst in residue FCC.

Moving toward a decarbonised world
Dr Klaus Brun, Elliott Group, explores the role of compressors in a decarbonised energy economy.

Assessing recovery systems
A. Betti, Compression Service Technology S.r.l, Italy, alongside M. Ruggiero, M. Astuti, D. Barbati, and S. Raciti, Snam S.p.a, Italy, evaluate the pros and cons of different recovery systems for reducing leakages from natural gas compression and storage stations.

Up to the challenge
David Walsh, Howden, Scotland, introduces a method for controlling the main air blowers within the sulfur recovery process, which will help to improve energy efficiency.

Smart surveys
Kaveh Ebrahimi, Fluor Ltd, and Cristiana Nascimento, Fluor B.V., provide an engineering perspective on the best practices for successful modern surveys of existing equipment.

The missing link
Manas Dutta, Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), India, examines objective operator improvements with machine learning and advanced analytics.

Operating excellence without capital expense
Matt Thundyil, Dave Seeger and Carl Hahn, Transcend Solutions LLC, USA, explore the basic principles underlying easy opportunities for achieving operating excellence in plants.

Pumps & Valves Q&A
Hydrocarbon Engineering talks to a number of leading experts in pumps & valves about technology innovations, environmental regulations, equipment reliability and safety, as well as the future of the sector following the COVID-19 pandemic.

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