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May 2011

Cedigaz provide this month’s regional report looking at the global gas industry. Continuing with the gas focus, Linde look at gas processing & treating and Servomex discuss gas analysers. This issue is also home to our annual World Review, a round up of global contract news from the last year.

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World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions.

Bubbling Over?
Armelle Lecarpentier, Cedigaz, France, explores recent developments and trends in natural gas markets across the globe.

Keeping up to Speed
Adrian Park, Intergraph, reveals the role of asset management in safe, effective and sustainable plant operations and maintenance.

Grout of this World
Ward Lipscomb, Adhesive Services Company, USA, argues the necessity of properly grouted skid mounted equipment.

Structural Integrity for Storage Tanks
Brian D. Rose and Devon Brendecke, Quest Integrity Group, USA, outline the benefits that advanced structural integrity assessments can have in relation to tank upkeep.

Recovery Speak
Elmo Nasato and Uday N. Parekh, Goar, Allison & Associates, Inc., USA, discuss sulfur recovery and the importance of industrial gases.

Adapting to Changes
Filippo Rossati, Le Gaz Integral, France, details the adaptations to sulfur recovery unit processes that enable them to treat feeds with high variations in conditions, inflow and H2S concentrations.

A Paradox Pacified
Yvonne Lucas, Shell Global Solutions International B.V., explains how new technologies empowered refineries to manage the sulfur paradox.

World Review

The Value of Valves
Roger Turley and Don Johnson, Crane Energy Flow Solutions, USA, argue that the global oil and gas industry is heavily dependent on valves.

Safety, Service and Security
Stephen Harrison, Linde, Germany, explains how the safety, quality and integrity of gas supply depends on equipment competency.

Laser Quest
David Fahle, Servomex, USA and Rhys Jenkins, Servomex, UK, examine the emergence of tunable diode laser spectroscopy, a practical new technology for in situ measurement.

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