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Editorial comment

As summer starts to kick into gear, I’m eagerly anticipating a few months of al fresco dining and long evenings spent in the sunshine. However, as anyone who watched the recent coronation of King Charles III would have seen, the British weather has a habit of dampening expectations. Still, this doesn’t stop us Brits from firing up the barbecue whatever the weather, and catching up with friends and family.

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It’s on social occasions such as these that I’m often asked about how my job is going and what the future holds for the energy sector. As well as trying to gauge how their energy bills are likely to be impacted in the coming months, and enquiring how Europe is going to cope without Russian gas, friends and family are often fascinated (or perplexed) by the idea that there is enough content to produce a monthly magazine dedicated solely to the downstream oil and gas sector. “Not only that”, I tell them, “we also have a website full of daily industry news, interesting white papers, and a library of fascinating webinars that can be watched on-demand.”

By this point, I have usually lost the interest of my companion, and I can see them looking around the garden for someone else to talk to...

However, I have a captive audience of like-minded individuals right here, so I will continue. Truth be told – and as you all know – there is so much going on in our industry right now that it is difficult to condense everything into just 12 monthly issues of this magazine. For that reason, we also publish Tanks & Terminals magazine, our supplement dedicated to the bulk liquids storage sector, as well as Global Hydrogen Review, a digital magazine focused exclusively on the burgeoning hydrogen market. And we regularly find ourselves wanting to explore the articles that we do publish each month in greater detail. For that reason, we launched a special ‘Spotlight interviews’ feature on our website a couple of years ago. During these interviews, we sit down with a recent contributor to Hydrocarbon Engineering magazine to discuss the content of their article in greater detail. These conversations often take off in unexpected directions and we find ourselves talking about a wide range of issues pertinent to the future of the downstream oil and gas sector. And I’m happy to report that none of our interviewees so far have actively sought an escape route from our conversations!

We have built up a library of interesting conversations with industry leaders, which you can access by heading over to And I’m pleased to say that we will shortly be sitting down with Brad Cook, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sabin Metal Corp., to discuss his article that features on p. 29 of this issue. This interview will be available to watch very soon, and we’ll be sure to drop you an email with details once it is live on our website (if you’re not already receiving a copy of our newsletters, you can sign up for free here:


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