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June 2022

Our June issue is packed full of articles covering a range of topics, from corrosion monitoring and heat technology, to remote inspection of assets and the role of artificial intelligence in the downstream sector. The issue also features a Catalyst Q&A, as well as a keynote note article from Wood Mackenzie on the recovery of the oil and gas sector as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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World news

Crisis? What crisis?
Alan Gelder, Wood Mackenzie, UK, discusses the key attributes of successful future refineries as the oil and gas sector recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yielding efficient operations
Michael Gaura, AMETEK Process Instruments, USA, details the importance of an air demand analyser (ADA) in the quest to manage sulfur recovery units (SRUs) more tightly.

From data to optimised performance
Philippe Herve, SparkCognition, USA, presents various artificial intelligence applications in the downstream oil and gas sector.

Staying ahead of the game
Kjell Wold, John Bromley-Barratt and Gaya Somasundaram, Emerson, explain how to identify pipe replacement needs using digital remote corrosion monitoring.

Keeping an eye on corrosion
Bruce Pellegrino, Sensor Networks Inc., USA, explains how to improve corrosion monitoring yield advancements in ultrasonic technology applications.

Oil and gas safety takes flight
Zacc Dukowitz, Flyability, USA, details how drones are helping to improve safety at oil refineries.

A new look at inspection
Kieran Boyd, Avestec, Canada, discusses the use of a non-destructive testing inspection method to monitor equipment at a refinery.

Getting fired up
Stuart Bradbury and Doug Sinitiere, Carboline Global Inc., delve into the grudge purchase mindset and optimisation opportunities for passive fire protection products or systems used to mitigate the thermal effects of fire in the downstream sector.

Safety in a flash
Michael Jones, Watlow, USA, explains the value of arc flash management of large electric process heaters in order to minimise the risks of fire and/or injury.

Pattern vs performance
Salem Bouhairie and Syed Haq, Heat Transfer Research Inc., discuss how airflow patterns within air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHEs) degrade performance.

Batteries: a stepping stone to green heat technology
Ilan Toledano, Wattco, Canada, outlines how batteries are fuelling the evolution of industrial heat technology.

The show must go on
Salim Akçaoglu, Gökhan Özkan and Yavuz Bingöl, Tüpras, Turkey, discuss how the company managed a battery shutdown under the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Metals matter
Brad Cook, Sabin Metal, USA, examines what is happening within the world of platinum group metals (PGMs), and explains the importance of responsible recycling.

Catalyst Q&A
Hydrocarbon Engineering talks to a number of leading experts in catalyst technology about a range of topics.

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