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June 2019

This issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes features on sulfur, flaring, heat exchangers, and water treatment. This month’s regional report evaluates Sub-Saharan Africa’s petroleum sector developments.

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Developments near the desert
Dr. Nancy D. Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, evaluates Sub-Saharan Africa’s petroleum sector developments.

The sulfur spectrum
Bevan Houston and Mark Gilbreath, Matrix PDM Engineering, USA, weigh up various cost-effective infrastructure options available to both sulfur producers and consumers.

On the road to (sulfur) recovery
Ben Walton and Gerton Molenaar, Sulphur Experts Inc., Canada, alongside Oswaldo Garcia, Parkland Refining B.C. Ltd, Canada, and Anne Van Warners and Tobias Roelofs, Comprimo®, the Netherlands, explore the modification of the sulfur recovery process at the Parkland Burnaby Refinery.

Rethinking Claus tail gas treatment
Helge Rosenberg, Haldor Topsoe, Denmark, and Steve Pollitt, Worley Parsons, UK, present an alternative option for sulfur recovery.

Of a singular mind
David Ducharme, LumaSense Technologies - An Advanced Energy Company, USA, reports on temperature measurement in the modified Claus sulfur reactor.

Protecting the precious
Bradford Cook, Sabin Metal Corp., USA, discusses the importance of measuring the quality of service in the precious metals catalyst management industry.

A generational shift
Chris Ferguson and Kurt Kraus, Callidus Technologies, USA, overview a fourth generation flare which has been designed to take full advantage of the water gas shift reaction.

New environment for flare control: part one
Kevin Leary, Zach Kodesh and John Ackland, John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, USA, overview the impact of recent environmental regulations on flare control.

A stronger shell
Robert Broad, GESMEX GmbH, Germany, and Peter Kauders, CDE Projects Ltd, UK, weigh up the benefits of using welded plate and shell heat exchangers in hydrotreating processes.

Laser precision
Chelsey Kemper, Omega Thermo Products, USA, explains how lasers can be used to manufacture efficient heat exchangers.

Dealing with a new diet
Bruce Wright and Kwadwo Sarpong, Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), USA, consider available methods to optimise the processing opportunities of shale oils.

Back to desalter basics
Fred Brown, Athlon, a Halliburton Service, USA, presents the importance of best practices to help ensure optimal desalter performance.

The water shortage challenge
Laura Watson, Robert Hendel and Jeffrey Zurlo, SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, USA, suggest strategies for not only reducing water usage in refineries, but recycling it.

Cleaning up your act
Ayla Öngören and Murat Ercan, Tüpras, Turkey, explain how a closed tank system can help prevent VOC emissions that occur when hydrocarbons in wastewater make contact with the atmosphere.

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