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July 2019

The July issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes features on petrochemicals, safety, desalter measurement challenges, software and opportunity crudes. This issue also includes our annual review of the latest developments in pumps, valves and seals technology.

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Playing catch up
Ng Weng Hoong, Contributing Editor, reports on how Southeast Asia will continue to have a substantial oil products deficit, despite a rise in refining capacity.

The route to light olefins
Eric Macedo and Shekhar Tewari, McDermott – Lummus Technology, examine the diverse and flexible routes to light olefins in a dynamic market.

Balancing the economies of scale
Shane Harvey, Elliott Group, USA, discusses how ethylene producers can meet future plant capacity needs and maintain economies of scale without increasing cracked gas compressor size.

Putting theory into practice
Victor Alvarez, Bentley Systems, USA, outlines the value of advanced work packaging on an upgrade project at the Anacortes refinery.

Modernising with added intelligence
Andreas Hennecke, Pepperl+Fuchs, Germany, highlights the range of savings that can be made when process plants activate fieldbus diagnostic capabilities during modernisation work.

Disparate data
Jodi Johnson, Emerson Automation Solutions, USA, considers the value-adding benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things.

Enhancing plant safety
Tony Downes, Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies, USA, looks at how modern approaches to process safety management can reduce risk, lower costs, and even predict failures.

The missing step
Dr. Bert Knegtering, ESSAIES, the Netherlands, and Tino Vande Cappelle, TinoVC, UAE, overview safety risk assessment procedures currently in place in the downstream industry and put forward a solution to current oversights.

Dew point vs condensation temperature
Paul Lyon and Maria Chwal, Vympel GmbH, Germany, with Gleb Derevyagin and Sergey Seleznev, LLC SPA Vympel, Russia, compare the water dew point and the hydrocarbon condensation temperature in measuring the quality of natural gas.

Desalter measurement challenges
Bob Irving, Ametek STC Business Unit, USA, evaluates the benefits of capacitance level and interface measurements in desalter applications.

A golden opportunity
Nigel Hilton, Dorf Ketal, USA, explains why it is difficult to predict a desalter’s ability to handle a change in crude slate and offers a new solution to combat the problem.

Reducing tube fouling
Bill Gretta, Concord Environmental, USA, outlines a novel ammonia injection grid design which lowers ammonia usage and heat recovery steam generator tube fouling.

Separating the wheat from the chaff
Mark W. Abbott, ValvTechnologies, USA, focuses on methods of keeping gasification reactor filters clear, allowing syngas to be efficiently separated from char.

Pumps, valves and seals review
Hydrocarbon Engineering presents an overview of some of the recent developments and technologies in pumps, valves and seals for the downstream oil and gas industry.

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