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January 2023

In our first issue of 2023, Wood Mackenzie starts by looking back on 2022 and forecasting what lies ahead for the downstream oil and gas sector this year. The issue then goes on to cover a number of pertinent topics: petrochemicals, decarbonisation, flare gas measurement, digitalisation and water treatment.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Halliburton, Multi-Chem.

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2023 downstream key uncertainties
Alan Gelder, Wood Mackenzie, UK, reflects on a challenging 2022 and provides an outlook for the downstream sector in the year ahead.

Ethylene plants: the energy transition journey
Sanjeev Kapur, Apex PetroConsultants, USA, discusses the changes that need to be made in order for the petrochemical sector to meet demanding net zero targets.

Moving with the changing tide
Graham Freeman, Intelex, Canada, details how digitisation is changing EHS in downstream oil and gas.

A virtual walk-through
Zac Cook, Charlie Luther, Damon Cheatham, Heather Gilligan, Elmer Lobell and Ivory Mayhorn, ExxonMobil Product Solutions Company, describe an innovative approach to complex plant construction.

Ready for take off
Richard Irwin, Bentley, UK, outlines how asset life cycle information management software can help to speed up the implementation of digital twins at oil and gas facilities.

A new era
Rainer Haug and Wim du Clou, Kurita Europe GmbH, Germany, discuss how environmentally-friendly technologies could replace zinc-based cooling water treatment in biorefineries.

Keeping tabs on emissions
Pablo Jimenez-Asenjo, Federico Neira, Fernan Serralunga and Michelle Wicmandy, KBC, discuss new practices and advanced technologies for emissions monitoring, accounting and optimisation.

Prepared for the future
Johannes Buettner, SICK AG, Germany, discusses the utility of ultrasonic flow measurements in flare installations.

Instant verification
Kacem Jlidi, Fluenta, UK, details the ways in which operators can measure flare gas and verify their meters to ensure that they comply with regulations.

Catalyst review
Hydrocarbon Engineering presents a selection of the most advanced catalyst technologies and services currently available to the downstream sector.

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