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January 2022

The January issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes features on the hydrogen revolution, mass transfer equipment, emissions control, and water management. This issue also includes our annual review of the latest catalyst technologies and services, as well as a detailed report on the petroleum sector in the MENA region.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Honeywell Connected Industrial.

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A new year for MENA
Dr. Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, discusses the state of the petroleum sector in the MENA region as we move into the new year.

Green hydrogen today for a net zero tomorrow
Ramesh Murugan, Honeywell Connected Industrial, India, addresses the potential of using green hydrogen as a means to meet net zero ambitions.

Thriving in tomorrow’s oil and gas industry
Uwe Boltersdorf, Sulzer Chemtech, Switzerland, looks at five solutions to help futureproof hydrocarbon processing facilities.

Improving tray efficiency in the spray regime
Aadam F. Aryan, Distillation Equipment Company Ltd, UK, outlines some features to increase tray efficiency in order to improve distillation column performance.

A system approach
Michael Gaura, AMETEK Process Instruments, USA, explains why maintaining sample integrity is critical when transporting and measuring emissions that can be corrosive.

The cost of ignoring emissions control systems
Jeff Bause and Jorge Cadena, NOXCO, USA, explain why ignoring nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide emissions control systems may be costly to operations.

Remote flare monitoring solutions
Jeff Hebb and Joerg Roessler, Advanced Energy, review the advantages of monitoring flares from a distance.

River to river
The hydrocarbon industry uses immense quantities of water and steam in a broad range of processes. Brett Neely, Veolia Water Technologies, North America, outlines the benefits that can be achieved by adopting a ‘river to river’ approach to water management.

Scaling down
Rainer Haug and Surjeet Kumar, Kurita Europe GmbH, outline how a water treatment programme helped a gas processing plant in the Middle East to reduce scale formation and cleaning frequency.

Making data-centric projects a reality
Bruce Bailie and Arja Talakar, Siemens Energy, USA, discuss the process behind ensuring that oil and gas professionals have access to the right data at the right time and in the right place.

Catalyst review
In its annual review, Hydrocarbon Engineering presents some of the most advanced catalyst technologies and services that are currently available to the downstream sector.

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