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January 2014

We bring in the new year with our annual catalyst review, providing details of the latest catalyst technologies available to the industry. We look at the Euro Zone in our regional report and continue with the second part of the TA Cook Article. Also, this issue launches our Shale Feedstock Processing Series which will continue until June.

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(03) Comment

(05) World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions

(12) Facing headwinds
Luisa Sykes, Euro Petroleum Consultants, discusses the outlook for the oil and gas sector in Europe

(20) Flood warning
Matthew Kuhl, Mark Routt and Scott Sayles, KBC Advanced Technologies, USA, look at the US shale supply flood, focusing on processing developments and issues

(26) Dieselising Europe: Part 2
Dirk Frame, T.A. Cook Consultants, Germany, discusses the key problems that affect diesel producers and the importance of correct maintenance

(30) Keep it lean
Simon Bennett, AVEVA, UK, explains how new technology advances are enabling lean construction processes in plant projects

(35) Fully qualified
Sari Aronen, Metso, Finland, discusses the importance of reliable valves in renewable fuel production

(41) Additional treatment
Berthold Otzisk and Silke RĂ¼del, Kurita Europe, Germany, discuss the chemical treatment programs that can be applied to water and wastewater processes in order to remove oil, solids and other troublesome substances

(45) Knowledge nexus
Kevin Milici, GE Water & Process Technologies, USA, looks at the evolution of water management

(51) Catalyst review
Hydrocarbon Engineering provides an overview of some of the most advanced catalysts technologies available within the hydrocarbon processing industry today

(72) 15 questions with....
Ruth Poultney, Fuels Development Technologist, BP, talks women in engineering, career development, her first pet and favourite band

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