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February 2022

The February issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering covers a range of topics including sulfur, gas analysis & measurement, fire protection, simulation, valves and the global hydrogen transition. This month’s regional report examines Australasia’s petroleum market.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Owens Corning.

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Australasia: oil market pre-existing conditions
Dr. Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, discusses how pre-existing conditions in Australasia, coupled with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, have left the region’s petroleum market facing a number of challenges.

In a world made of sulfur
A.K. Tyagi, Nuberg EPC, India, explores the crucial role of sulfuric acid within the oil and gas industry, and places a spotlight on two projects that the company was involved in, in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The sulfur level challenge
Richard G. Stambaugh, Merichem Company, USA, discusses the available technologies for lowering refineries’ sulfur emissions in order to meet tightening regulations.

Finding the right fit
Peter Foith, CS Combustion Solutions, Austria, outlines the challenges faced when retrofitting an existing thermal stage of a sulfur recovery unit.

Maintaining sample heat integrity
Rod Merz, AMETEK Process Instruments, Canada, explores the most common analytical heat integrity failure points seen with analysers in sulfur recovery units.

Delivering high-quality PTA Rhys Jenkins, Servomex, UK, considers the role of gas analysis in purified terephthalic acid (PTA) production.

Small pipes, large benefits: gas measurement in tight spaces
Tyler Schertz, Mettler Toledo, Switzerland, details the process of measuring small pipelines with tunable diode laser (TDL) using a multi-reflection folded optical path.

Gas recovery
Marco Puglisi, AEREON Europe, Italy, examines applications, equipment and technical solutions for gas recovery packages in the oil and gas sector.

Sparking a safety culture
Alec Cusick, Owens Corning, USA, explores the various considerations when designing a passive fire protection system.

The global hydrogen transition
Rathishkumar Sukumar and Raghavendra Mahalingam, Baker Hughes, discuss the role that specialty valves will play in delivering affordable hydrogen energy in the quest for net zero emissions.

Calculating the cost of ownership
Alejandro Plazas, ValvTechnologies, Latin America, explains why considering the total cost of ownership of valves will ultimately pay big dividends.

The challenges and opportunities of virtual engineering
Carina Wegener, REMBE GmbH, Germany, discusses how to achieve the right installation torque with a virtual calculation.

Context-based predictive diagnosis
A. Brighenti, C. Brighenti, M. Ricatto, and D. Quintabà, S.A.T.E. Systems and Advanced Technologies Engineering S.r.l., Italy, outline how to monitor and diagnose multiple plant units while considering operational contexts.

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