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February 2014

February focuses on gas with articles looking at processing and treating, special gases and gas analysers. Our regional focus is on Asia and Ng Weng Hoong takes a close look at gas in the region. This issue also looks at turbomachinery, pumps and valves, condition monitoring and sulfur.

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(03) Comment

(05) World News
Contract awards, project updates, industry latest, news digest, diary dates, mergers and acquisitions

(12) Demand surge
Ng Weng Hoong, discusses natural gas in Asia where buyers fight a losing battle against rising prices amid continued demand surge

(20) A buoyant outlook
Alex Field and Bahzad Ayoub, Energy Industries Council (EIC), examine the shale phenomenon and its impact on the LNG sector

(27) Iron age
William K. Rouleau, Merichem Company, USA, discusses the development of sulfur removal by iron based liquid redox over time

(33) GTL: An attractive option?
Mike Phillipson, Foster Wheeler, UK, discusses the use of gas to liquids as a viable option for gas monetisation

(39) Making predications
Clayton E. Jones, Nathan A. Hatcher and Ralph H. Weiland, Optimized Gas Treating, USA, discuss the ease and extent of removal of methyl through n-butyl mercaptans from gases using MDEA and caustic soda of various strengths

(46) Petcoke gasification on the upswing
Ahmad A. Faegh, Phil Amick, Gary M. Sieli and Arkady V. Bazhenov, CB&I, USA, discuss petcoke gasification

(52) The black box of tricks: Part one
Stephen Harrison, Linde, Germany, discusses trends in gas chromatography and troubleshooting in petrochemical analysis

(57) A practical alternative
Airat Amerov and Mike Fuller, AMETEK Process Instruments, USA, discuss acetylene measurements in ethylene production using tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy

(61) Control for cryogenic turboexpanders
Wayne Jacobson and Saul Mirsky, Compressor Controls Corporation, USA, discuss enhanced control techniques for cryogenic turboexpander recompressors

(67) Rapid engineering
Yousef Jarrah and Geoff Legg, ACD LLC, USA, explores the production of high efficiency turboexpanders

(73) Facing the consequences
Joerg Knoch, PROGNOST Systems GmbH, Germany, discusses the consequential damages of failed lubrication

(81) Check critical
Carlos E. Davila and John C. Lunde, Crane, USA, discuss the growing importance of highly engineered check valves in LNG liquefaction

(85) Sour gas salvation
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, discusses how shale gas may give a new lease of life to sour gas plants

(89) Cracking the code to success
Alexandra Anghel, Kwi-Cheng Lee, Isabel Conradus and Joe Gelder, Shell, The Netherlands, discuss new and existing technologies for sulfur recovery

(93) Where to put the yellow stuff?
Eric Harbaugh, Enersul, USA, discusses increasing flexibility for disposing of excess sulfur

(96) 15 facts on...
This month we give you 15 facts on the Gastech Conference & Exhibition, being held in Korea this year

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