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December 2022

This issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering begins with a keynote exploring the role of downstream operations in promoting sustainability in the energy sector. This issue also covers a range of topics including the role of the cloud in downstream operations, the carbon black market, corrosion protection, heat exchangers, and sulfur storage.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Eurotecnica.

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Sustainable downstream operations: the current state of play
Stefan Chapman and Miro Cavkov, Euro Petroleum Consultants (EPC), detail the role of downstream operations in promoting sustainability within the energy sector.

Up in the cloud
Daisy Chen, Amazon Web Services (AWS), USA, discusses how cloud-enabled equipment health and maintenance (EHM) is improving the reliability, performance, cost control and safety of downstream companies.

Cloud for industries: why the time is now?
Praveen Sam, Honeywell Connected Industrial, USA, details the new role of the cloud for industries, and five capabilities that must be created by industrial organisations adopting the cloud.

The carbon black market
Stefano Sassi, Eurotecnica, Italy, explores the environmental benefits of carbon black production within a refinery.

Equipped for a cleaner future
Patrick Downey, Elessent Clean Technologies, USA, introduces a sustainable solution for producing cleaner fuels.

Searching for solutions
Dennis Snijders, Integrated Global Services, offers solutions for process vessel corrosion protection, and highlights a project that the company carried out in the Middle East.

The material selection puzzle
Karen Picker, Alleima, USA, explains the thought that goes into selecting the optimum material for heat exchangers.

Making decisions
Byron Black, Koch Engineered Solutions, USA, details the reasons for choosing a hairpin heat exchanger.

Driving the way forward
Tom Starr, Tommy Chen and Anupam Prakash, Nalco Water, an Ecolab Company, discuss how to drive productivity and profitability with digitally-enabled insights.

Treating your sulfur storage pits right
Thomas Kline, Structural Technologies, USA, details the process of hardened sulfur and carsul removal from below-grade reinforced concrete sulfur storage pits.

Quality control
Felix Trainer, Servomex, Germany, introduces an integrated quality control solution for gas cylinder filling.

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