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December 2021

The December issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering covers a range of topics, including sulfur removal, copper corrosion, digitalisation, pumps, valves, and how downstream companies are addressing the energy transition. The issue also includes a special Q&A with a number of leading experts in compressor technology.

This month's front cover is brought to you by MOGAS.

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Russia looks to the future
Ekatrina Kalineko and Stefan Chapman, Euro Petroleum Consultants (EPC), explore the energy transition and sustainability challenges for the Russian downstream sector.

Separating sulfur
David Jackson, Merichem Process Technologies, USA, explores H2S removal with liquid redox processes.

Finding flexibility: part two
In the concluding part of this article, Brandon Forbes and DJ Cipriano, Ametek CSI, and Marco van Son, Worley Comprimo, discuss the design and three years of operation results of the first commercial installation of a new degassing system.

Controlling the temperature
Markus Wolf and Theo Anderbrügge, OGE, alongside Alexander Derevyagin, Gleb Derevyagin, Paul Lyon and Maria Chwal, Vympel, examine how to establish best practices for hydrocarbon condensation temperature control.

Compressor Q&A
Hydrocarbon Engineering talks to a number of leading experts in compressor technology about efficiency, equipment reliability, safety and the environment, digitalisation, and life after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rise of larger valves
Michael Lemeshev, MOGAS Industries Inc., USA, looks at the trend for larger metal-seated valves in severe service applications, and the challenges that this presents.

Future-proof technology
Taija Hämäläinen, Neles, Finland, outlines how to achieve versatility and sustainability through modularity.

Dig a little deeper into data
Tong Zou and Drew Troyer, T. A. Cook, question whether mean time between repair (MTBR) is adequate for defining pump reliability.

Condensers vs heat exchangers
Alicia Johnson, Graham Corp., USA, highlights the strengths and weaknesses of traditional straight tube designs vs coiled tube designs in both condensers and heat exchangers.

Accelerating electrification
Tim Bruewer, Watlow, USA, outlines how switching to electric process heaters can help companies in the energy sector take another step towards reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Copper corrosion protection
Jim Green, SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions, USA, explores advances in copper corrosion protection technology in critical heat exchangers.

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