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September 2022

The Autumn issue of Global Hydrogen Review begins with a keynote article from DNV, exploring the key trends in hydrogen production, transport and end-use. The issue also covers a wide range of topics including blue and green hydrogen production, certification, turboexpanders, digitalisation, pipelines, and the decarbonisation of the maritime sector.

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The key to building successful value chains
Jørg Aarnes, Energy Systems at DNV, Norway, explores key trends in hydrogen production, transport and end use.

A rising star
Dr Hans Dieter Hermes, Worley, discusses the challenge of scaling up clean hydrogen to meet the growing demand for this fuel of the future.

All roads lead to green
Chris Jackson, Protium, UK, outlines the issues with ‘bridging fuels’, and explains why a change of mindset is essential in order to focus on cleaner alternatives, including green hydrogen.

Certified sustainability
Michael Landspersky, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service, Germany, discusses how hydrogen producers and distributors are preparing for future mandatory certification.

Power up your power choices
Andreas Breitkopf, Advanced Energy Industries Inc., USA, introduces new power control technologies that could improve electrolyser efficiencies and reduce lifetime operating costs.

Turbo production to meet demand
Louis Mann, Atlas Copco Gas and Process Division; Jacob Thomas, JTurbo Engineering & Technology; and Trevor Mayne, Qenos Altona Olefins refinery, explore how turboexpanders in the petrochemical industry can advance the technology required for green hydrogen liquefaction.

Blue H2 the right way
James Cross, AMETEK Land, UAE, discusses how to improve reliability and productivity in steam cracker and steam methane reformer (SMR) operations.

The hydrogen roadmap to relevance
Andy McIntire and Praveem Sam, Honeywell Connected Industrial, USA, detail the use of industrial-grade software to support the digital transformation of the hydrogen sector.

Maintaining the pipelines of the future
Decarbonisation and net zero are buzz words that are being used in the energy arena, but what do they mean for pipelines? Dr Mike Kirkwood, T.D. Williamson, UK, explains.

Stainless steel storage
The growing hydrogen industry will require high-performance materials in many applications – from gas storage and water management, to electrolysis and carbon capture. Marie Louise Falkland, Outokumpu, Sweden, discusses how stainless steel fits the bill for different applications.

The race to identify the next generation of maritime fuels
Drue Smallwood, Burns & McDonnell, USA, details the solutions under consideration to support the decarbonisation of the maritime industry.

All-weather filtration
Eric M. Rud, Eaton, USA, explains why reliable lube oil filtration is an important consideration in the production of hydrogen at very low temperatures, and details a project that the company completed under sub-zero conditions.

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