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May 2022

The inaugural issue of Global Hydrogen Review is full of detailed technical articles and case studies exploring the entire spectrum of hydrogen production and its applications worldwide. This issue covers a range of topics including the current status of blue hydrogen, how cryogenic technology is helping to shape the energy transition, and integrity management of hydrogen pipelines. Other features include green hydrogen, simulation, transportation, compressor technology, and much more.

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Realising the hydrogen ambition
Prof. Juergen Peterseim and Dario Galvan, PwC Germany, detail how to turn the hydrogen debate into tangible market growth.

The hydrogen transition
Matt Pitcher and Narik Basmajian, Technip Energies, explore why hydrogen can play an increasingly expansive and important role in the decarbonisation journey to 2050 and beyond, as a carbon-free source of energy.

An inside look at blue hydrogen
Using key insights from the first wave of blue hydrogen projects, Pavan Chilukuri, Shell Catalysts & Technologies, the Netherlands, discusses the current status of blue hydrogen, and its role within the ongoing energy transition.

A nexus of clean energy
Bob Oesterreich and Peter Gerstl, Chart Industries, discuss how cryogenic technology is helping to shape the energy transition.

Hydrogen for all
There is currently a shortfall of hydrogen available for traditional industrial uses. David Wolff, Nel Hydrogen, USA, explains why, and explores options for ensuring security of supply.

Embracing the simulation challenge
Bharat Naik and Phil Millette, Honeywell Process Solutions, discuss how simulation could drive value across the hydrogen market.

The decarbonisation of transportation
Caroline Stancell, Air Products, Europe, asks how the transport sector can grow its use of hydrogen, and what barriers are preventing it from going to the next level?

Perfecting pipelines
Ollie Burkinshaw, Neil Gallon and Jason Edwards, ROSEN UK, address the challenge of integrity management of hydrogen pipelines.

Reaching new heights
Joost Meeuwissen, Calderys, the Netherlands, describes how pre-cast, pre-fired catalyst support domes are setting new standards when it comes to long-lasting durability.

Creative combustion
Gilles Theis, Ali Gueniche, Christoph Strupp and Chuck Baukal, John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, A Koch Engineered Solutions Company, detail how radiant wall burner technology can combat the issues associated with introducing hydrogen fuels into combustion systems.

Tackling challenges head on
Marie-Laure Gelin, Howden, the Netherlands, explores the challenges associated with scaling up the use of hydrogen in support of the energy transition, and details a number of projects in which the company’s compression technologies were used.

Q&A with...
Global Hydrogen Review sat down with Fabrice Billard, CEO, Burckhardt Compression, to get his thoughts on a range of topics.

All-weather filtration
Eric M. Rud, Eaton, USA, explains why reliable lube oil filtration is an important consideration in the production of hydrogen at very low temperatures, and details a project that the company completed under sub-zero conditions.

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