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News from the EPA

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

East Side refinery

Members from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Ohio are looking in to complaints made against the East Side refinery. At the beginning of this week the EPA’s Ohio branch received 11 complaints of a ‘burnt oil smell’ from residents near the refinery.

This comes shortly after the Ohio Attorney General’s office followed up complaints from residents about chemical release fumes and warned the company who own the plant, Heartland Petroleum, that if there were further complaints the facility would be shut down. The future of the facility is now unknown.

Grading system for car fuel economy

The EPA and the US Department of Transport have proposed a new method of comparing electric and alternative fuel vehicles to regular gasoline vehicles. The new label contains more information and compares the vehicle to all others available and not just others of a similar size, class etc.

Two new labels have been proposed and will be used as of 2012. On one label cars are graded between A+ and D depending on their fuel economy.

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