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Gas processing - 30 September 2009

Indian oil and gas market

India has ambitions to become the hub for petroleum products exports. The export potential coupled with the additional capacity additions and new refineries provide a unique opportunity for potential investors.


East Asian energy market

East Asia continues to be a vital region for the world economy and the world energy market. This article looks at the four major East Asian economies, their energy markets, and their hydrocarbon processing industries.


Jubail refinery contracts awarded

Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petroleum Company has begun awarding EPC contracts for the Jubail refinery.


Indian refineries gear up for Euro-IV transportation fuels

India currently has 19 refineries with a total capacity of 3.76 million bpd and gasoline and automotive diesel account for 50% of total domestic refinery production in the country. Delhi is currently the CNG capital of the world.


South American gas market

South America has an impressive total of gas reserves and is increasing its production, however, the region is continually facing problems despite its desire to expand and develop.


Argentine energy markets

This article discusses Argentine energy markets, covering the growing role of natural gas, primary energy consumption and the refining sector.


New Brazilian gas law

In March 2009, Brazil adopted the much-awaited Gas Law; regulating the transportation of natural gas. The Gas Law establishes a 30 year concession regime, bringing enhanced security for private companies to enter the market for transportation and storage of natural gas.


Ensuring a workforce for tomorrow’s oil and gas industry

OPITO – The Oil and Gas Academy, is focusing on attracting skills and talent to the oil and gas industry, through its ‘Energise Your Future’ event, which took place at this year’s Offshore Europe in Aberdeen.


Influence of power lines on pipeline networks

Increased difficulties in obtaining utility right-of-way and the concept of utility corridors have brought pipelines into close proximity with electric power transmission/distribution systems. Metallic objects subjected to the alternating electromagnetic field will exhibit an induced voltage. Also, power conductor faults to ground can cause substantial fault currents in the underground structure.