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Grey Rock recognised for gas to liquids

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Grey Rock has announced that its Direct Fuel Production (DFP) Technology Company of the Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR) was recognised by the World Bank as the most advanced technology for the conversion of flare gas in premium fuels for vehicles.

The patented Grey Rock DFP technology converts renewable raw materials or waste material into synthesis gas and then directly into fuels for vehicles. Unlike the conventional ‘Fischer-Tropsch’ technology, Grey Rock's DFP produces no ‘hydrocarbon wax’, which requires complex refining processes and makes the production of fuels more expensive. The DFP technology of Grey Rock enables easy creation of projects for the conversion of gas to liquids (GTL), biomass in liquids (BTL) and waste liquids (WTL), whereby the investment and operating costs drop dramatically.

The World Bank has been evaluating the GGDR for five years, for the development of the modular technology for the conversion of gas into liquids (GTL) that avoid gas flaring in the world and make it commercially viable.

The latest evaluation of the GTL market place has recently been published and the results of a group of participants was presented at the Energy Frontiers International (EFI) Forum in Denver, Colorado. During the EFI Forum's ranking 19 technology providers submitted, with Grey Rock awarded the most advanced technology in first place.

Dennis Schützle , Chief Technology Officer of Grey Rock, said, "It is an honour for Grey Rock, to occupy first place among the technologies evaluated by the World Bank. DFP Grey Rock is used for the conversion of flare gas into clean fuels. However, DFP technology of Grey Rock found in other fuel project applications, including projects for the conversion of biomass to liquids (BTL) and of waste liquids (WTL). "

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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