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Increasing ethanol in gasoline: Part 2

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

In its reaction to the advertising and public education campaign centered on the ‘Say No to Untested E15’ tagline discussed in Part 1, the ethanol industry group Growth Energy responded with a series of claims that the facts to not support.

Growth Energy inaccurately claimed that ‘exhaustive’ scientific research backs its push for a 50% increase in the percentage of ethanol in gasoline, from 10% (E10) to 15% (E15). It also stated that ethanol ‘can help clean our environment’ and would ‘create more than 136 000 new jobs’, statements the facts to not support.

On Wednesday July 21st, a widely diverse group of organisations opposing untested E15 pointed out that the Department of Energy (DOE) is conducting ‘limited testing of the ability of pollution control of some cars to function with E15,’ but that the testing does not cover such critical areas as engine durability, tolerance of the ‘check engine’ light and the durability of other components such as the fuel pump and fuel level sensor, and fuel vapours leaking out of the idle cars.

Further facts about Growth Energy’s claims

CLAIM: In a press release dated July 21st, the CEO of Growth Energy claims, ‘exhaustive data from academic and government institutions demonstrates that raising the blend to E15 would have no effect on the engine performance or durability.’

FACT: Existing studies underscore the need for additional comprehensive testing.

CLAIM: In its petition seeking EPA approval of mid level ethanol blend, Growth Energy included an analysis claiming fuel economy benefits from mid level ethanol blends.

FACT: The DOE has refuted this analysis. Studies cited by Growth Energy actually demonstrate that fuel economy declines.

CLAIM: Growth Energy asserts that emissions from E15 are comparable to those from traditional gasoline for small non-road engines.

FACT: Numerous sources indicate the exact opposite for some non-road engines or that there is insufficient data to make a determination without further testing.

CLAIM: In its July 21st press release, the CEO of Growth Energy claims E15 ‘can help clean our environment and create jobs.’ The group’s application for an EPA waiver to allow E15 claims 136 000 jobs would be created.

FACT: Leading environmental experts and studies indicate that these claims are either untrue or overblown.


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