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Pumps, valves and seals selection: Part One

Hydrocarbon Engineering,


ACD, LLC is a leading manufacturer of cryogenic pumps and turbo machinery for LNG industrial gas and oil well service industries. Their diverse product lines include a variety of cryogenic centrifugal and reciprocating pumps for L/CNG applications, high pressure cylinder/storage filling systems, trailer off loading, bulk transfer, bunker loading and storage tank filling. ACD maintains its lead in the industry by continually expanding their product range and enhancing product features. ACD’s line of new generation pumps includes the following breakthrough innovations:

  • Improved reliability and extended pump life up to 15 000 hrs.
    • ACD is creating a longer bearing life by using a novel ‘active’ thrust balancing system. This system reduces the thrust loading on bearing.
  • A net positive suction head required (NPSHR) as low as 0.3 m.
    • Modifying ACD’s hydraulics and inducer design dropped NPSHR to as low as 0.15 - 0.3m (per testing data).
  • Operating flows from 0.2 m3/hr. up to 225 m3/hr.
    • ACD’s new generation pumps offer 11 different hydraulic designs. Each design suggests multi stage configuration, which provides a broad flow range to cover all customer needs.
  • 5 - 8% hydraulic efficiency increase.

ACD’s global network of sales consist of 13 service centres located around the world offering knowledgeable advice on product selection, technical support and trouble shooting, pump installation, overhaul and field repair. With additional in house pump training programs, customers are given operational instruction and provided with current technologies to ensure pumps are operating at the highest efficiencies.

Cameron Valves

Backed by more than 60 years of downstream experience, Cameron offers products and services for refining and power generation to gas processing and petrochemical applications. Cameron manufacture a complete line of forged, cast, and stainless steel gate, globe, and check valves for specific downstream energy needs.

Years of experience have highlighted the needs of the downstream market. Cameron have responded to those needs with inventoried valves ready for immediate turnaround needs from quick response centres throughout the US and Europe, utilising a global distribution network and strategic partnerships to deliver the valves clients need, where they need them, when they need them. As the operating equipment manufacturer (OEM) of NEWCO® and DOUGLAS CHERO™ valves, Cameron has quality control over all the aspects of manufacturing to deliver a dependable product that customers can rely on.

In cold service applications, Cameron’s industry recognised TBV™ line of valves delivers a complete package for both maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) business and large projects. Cameron’s TBV™ brand has been involved for years in the transport of high purity gases and in large projects involving gas processing including floating platforms. With the emergence of new LNG applications and emerging customer needs, Cameron is expanding its TBV™ offering in additional downstream areas including; rail, trucking, marine (ferries and tug boats), and infrastructure (pipe lines, liquefaction, refueling stations).

Cameron Valves will be exhibiting at the Turbomachinery Pumps Symposium, Booth 1243.


A new pump type was installed on the Cryostar Liquid Nitrogen test bench recently to carry out its first performance test.

Named ‘MX’, this development from the very active R&D department of the France based company reached the expected capacity, differential head and efficiency, triggering its official release to the market.

Taking advantage of the 40 year experience of the company in cryogenic pumps for industrial gas applications, the MX uses the best features of globally renowned VP and MCP ranges. With a record of more than 500 of these existing pumps delivered in 2013, a new technical and commercial success is expected from MX pump type.

Designed for continuous duty process applications focused especially but not exclusively on air separation units and liquefiers, the MX pump range is available in 2 or 3 stage configuration and two wheel sizes (220 mm and 260 mm).

Its performance area targets a range between single stage MCP and multistage VP pumps with flows up to 1500 ltrs/min and design pressure of 50 or 60 barg depending on execution.

As a reference in the market, the 600 people company Cryostar, which hit a record e 290 million turnover last year, had this development closely followed by its main customers who expressed a lot of interest in this new product.

In particular, following the internal test, design reviews and witnessed performance tests were carried out in their presence.

This contribution ensured that the MX fits requirements in terms of performance and of course reliability, while achieving commercial competitiveness.

Ebara Cryodynamics

Ebara Cryodynamics is the premier manufacturer of cryogenic pumps and expanders for the many segments and applications of the worldwide liquefied gas industry. With over 40 years of continuous engineering advancement, Cryodynamics is the only manufacturer of its kind with the knowledge and expertise to provide the most complete catalog of both standard and custom cryogenic equipment in the world.

EIC machines incorporate the highest caliber of engineering and technological advancement, delivering the most dependable and efficient equipment you can buy. The equipment reaches across traditional applications into expanding markets including fixed and mobile fuel stations, small scale marine, skids and customised packaging solutions to name a few.

Ebara Cryogenic Pumps are applied in three configurations:

  • Serving aboard LNG carriers are (Model EC) units with complete power feed and deck penetration assemblies.
  • Suction Vessel Mounted pumps (Model ECC) are single stage transfer pumps or multi stage for vaporiser and send out for land and floating services.
  • (ECR) Retractable for LNG storage tank installations within columns contain the pump and provide the discharge.  Pump weight opens a spring loaded suction valve allowing pump removal from a loaded tank.

Cryodynamics’ expanders directly produce approximately 3 - 5% increased plant output while generating substantial electricity as a peripheral benefit.  With exceptional financial investment return, the company’s expanders are now becoming the specified standard in LNG production trains around the world.


Continuous innovation and improvement as well as adaptation to customer requirements are the keys to creating solutions for complex metering and mixing operations. Therefore, LEWA GmbH bases its systems on a thorough understanding of customer processes. This, coupled with engineering expertise and a big product portfolio, enables the company to develop customised process pumps and metering devices for virtually all industries.

For over 60 years, Lewa has been producing pumps and systems for various industries like refining, odourisation, oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverage, or pharmaceuticals. At the core of the company’s repertoire is the world’s most advanced diaphragm pump: Lewa ecoflow. This modular pump series can be configured from a variety of standardised assemblies (pump heads, drive units etc.) and is applicable for high pressure processes, requiring maximum safety for production and environment.

However, Lewa’s competence goes beyond single unit pumps, the company is additionally a supplier of solutions and systems for many applications involving the conveying, metering and mixing of fluids. This approach makes skids and customer specific production and metering units including piping, accessories, and instrumentation available from one source.

No matter if complex systems or single diaphragm pumps, the company's products fulfill important criteria such as hermetic tightness and low maintenance design. This facilitates safe conveyance of critical, toxic, inflammable, low viscosity, and non-lubricating fluids or abrasive suspensions. To guarantee highest possible process safety, Lewa invented the diaphragm protection system that controls the diaphragm movement and assures that the diaphragm deflection does not exceed specified limits.

Over 10 000 smoothly running applications prove that Lewa can handle almost any process and meet individual requirements. Most notable is the commissioning of the two biggest high pressure process diaphragm pumps in the world which are used for the reinjection of CO2 into a natural gas field in Norway. Furthermore, a cooperation with Swiss enterprise Burckhardt Compression aims at building energy efficient systems that combine carbon capture and storage with enhanced oil recovery.

Besides creating new solutions, Lewa also works on existing products to keep its technology ahead of competitors. Therefore, the research and development department works intensely on improving the process diaphragm pumps by reducing wear and optimising the already high energy efficiency.

Part Two of this article will be available soon.

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