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Exports between the US and Mexico

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In 2013, the US imported 850 000 bpd of crude oil from Mexico, the lowest volume since 1993. In the past 10 years, US crude oil imports from Mexico have fallen by 47%, primarily as a result of declining production of crude oil in Mexico. Yet, despite the decline, Mexico was the third largest source of crude oil imports to the US in 2013, behind Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Conversely, US exports of petroleum products to Mexico have risen 152% over the past 10 years. In 2013, the US exported 527 000 bpd of petroleum products to Mexico, including motor gasoline, distillate fuel oil and LPG ad 46%, 22% and 10% of the total respectively.

While the US is a net exporter of petroleum products to Mexico, the US also imports some petroleum products from Mexico. Last year, the US imported 68 000 bpd of products, most of which was residual fuel oil (41%), 24% pentanes plus and 15% naphtha. As with crude oil, US imports of petroleum products from Mexico have declined in recent years.

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