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Primus Green Energy announces launch of methanol plant project

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Primus Green Energy Inc., a gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology and commercial solutions company that transforms methane and other hydrocarbon gases into methanol and gasoline, has announced plans to develop and deliver its 160 tpd methanol plant to a manufacturing site in the Marcellus shale region.

Production from the plant is slated to begin in 2017 for regional distribution, and three additional trains in the following years are expected to increase its capacity to 640 tpd.

Primus’ standardised modular GTL systems will convert low cost Marcellus feedstock into methanol locally, thus saving its clients in the region both production and transportation costs. As a result, the systems are cost competitive with the world class methanol plants located on the Gulf Coast of the US and in international markets. The company plans to deliver up to four additional methanol plants in other North American regional markets with capacities ranging from 160 tpd to 640 tpd, following its low cost standardised design and facilitating local production.

“The launch of our North American methanol plant in the Marcellus and additional commercial builds to follow for our clients globally demonstrate how Primus’ standardised, modularised STGplus solutions can provide world class economics in smaller distributed plants,” said Sam Golan, Chief Executive Officer of Primus Green Energy. “In North America specifically, our technology offers clients a politically stable, cost effective avenue for local methanol and gasoline production, and we look forward to continuing to provide the industry with this domestic solution.”

Primus’ STGplus technology can use a range of natural gas feedstocks, including wellhead and pipeline gas, dry or wet associated gas, ‘stranded’ ethane, excess syngas from underutilised reformers or mixed natural gas liquids. The systems’ stranded and associated gas applications offer an ideal solution to the lack of traditional natural gas pipeline infrastructure in remote locations, enabling the monetisation of gas that would otherwise be stranded or flared. The low cost, modular systems can be trucked in and assembled onsite for easy deployment.

The Primus STGplus methanol and gasoline solutions are being developed in multiple projects across North America, Asia and the Middle East. By comparison with other GTL technologies, the process holds many key advantages, including record low capital and operating costs, high liquid product quality, zero wastewater, unmatched process simplicity and one of the best conversion yields on the market. These advantages result in the STGplus technology being uniquely economical at all scales, starting at as small as 100 000 Nm3/d (5 million ft3) of feed gas.

Adapted from press release by Francesca Brindle

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