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Downstream update: Africa and The Middle East

Hydrocarbon Engineering,


The Managing Director of the National Iranian Gas Company has said that the Ilam refinery is now producing 2 billion m3/y of gas. The plant is processing a feedstock of 7 million m3/d.


According to Majority Leader Aden Duale, over Sh 20 billion has been lost so far in a deal which has involved half of the equity at Kenya Petroleum Refinery Limited (KPRL) being given to Essar Oil, India. Duale spoke of this loss before the Parliamentary Public Investment Committee (PIC) and called it a deal ‘fuelled by greed and corruption’.


The Soraz refinery in Niger Republic is now a major supplier of petroleum products to the Northern States of the country. The facility has a processing capacity of 20 00 bpd and uses crude from the Agadem oilfield. Niger’s domestic demand is 5000 bpd so, the refinery leaves approximately 15 000 bpd for export, the majority of which goes to Nigeria.


The Ugandan government is currently in the process of assessing compensation claims by people impacted by the development of the refinery in the Hoima district. There have been complaints that land and property have been undervalued and therefore rejected the compensation rates offered. A 60 000 bpd refinery is planned for the country in the Kabaale parish, Buseruka. 

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