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Jereh Forges in collaboration with Primus Green Energy

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Jereh will attend Gastech 2015, the prestigious global LNG and natural gas exhibition, in Singapore on 27 – 30 October, and will announce a partnership with Primus Green Energy, a US-based gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology and solutions company, that brings new possibilities to the industry and environmental protection.

In the presence of Jereh's Vice President Li Weibin and Primus CEO Sam Golan, the two parties will officially launch the Jereh-Primus GTL solution, marking the beginning of their global collaboration.

Jereh and Primus will jointly market and deploy a range of flexible, robust GTL systems – including gas-to-gasoline and gas-to-methanol systems – that use Primus' proprietary STG+™ process to produce high-quality liquid products from natural gas. The technology economically transforms natural gas feedstocks into liquid end products at scales as small as 4 MMSCFD (100 000 Nm3 per day) of natural gas.

The STG+™ technology can use a range of natural gas feedstocks, including wellhead and pipeline gas, dry or wet associated gas, "stranded" ethane, excess syngas from underutilised reformers or mixed natural gas liquids. The systems' stranded and associated gas applications offer an ideal solution to the lack of traditional natural gas pipeline infrastructure in remote locations, enabling the monetisation of gas that would otherwise be stranded or flared.

Far from being Jereh's first venture into the natural gas industry, this agreement is the result of ten years of development. Jereh has been committed not only to growing itself in the energy industry but also to improving energy structure and the efficiency of energy utilisation to protect the global environment. Its Playwell Micro LNG solution promotes the development of small-scale LNG projects by reducing the project cycle by 60%, bringing higher utilisation rate of coal bed methane, pipeline gas, shale gas and biogas.

"Over the past 15 years we have been contributing to develop an eco-friendly industry chain," said Li Weibin, Vice President of Jereh. "The partnership we established with Primus [...] will further advance the energy industry and contribute to the global green ecology which has always been our vision and mission."

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