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API responds to Camp’s tax reform plan

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

API President and CEO, Jack Gerard, has said that a discussion draft of tax reform proposals from Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp could harm job creation in America’s energy and manufacturing sector.

Statement from Gerard 

‘Chairman Camp’s ideas show he has put a lot of work into tax reform, but there is a great deal of work left to do. Tax reform is not easy to achieve. As this proposal illustrates, it is even harder to get right.

‘An energy and manufacturing renaissance has supported our economy through tough times and created hundreds of thousands of jobs here at home. There are serious flaws in this discussion draft regarding cost recovery and LIFO accounting that could hurt jobs, American energy production and our energy security.

‘America’s oil and natural gas industry already generates US$ 85 million/d for the federal government. Higher taxes on energy and manufacturing would hit American families and workers by undermining private investment, job creation, energy production and government revenue.

‘There are many voices in the tax reform conversation. We will continue to educate law makers on the important role tax policy plays in the investment decisions of capital intensive industries like ours.’

Adapted from a press release by Claira Lloyd.

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