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Michigan in favour of oil and gas development

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

77% if Michigan voters favour more development of US oil and natural gas resources, and similar numbers believe more oil and natural gas development would provide major benefits to the nation, including more US jobs, according to a new poll released on 24th February.

‘Voters in Michigan know developing more of America’s homegrown energy makes sense for jobs, government revenues, and our energy security,’ said API President and CEO Jack Gerard. Our economy will demand large amounts of oil and natural gas for at least the next quarter century even as the role of alternative energy increases, and we continue making strides in efficiency. We are either going to have to import it or develop smart policies to produce much more here at home.’

The telephone poll of 600 likely Michigan voters found that large majorities agree that more US oil and natural gas development could lead to more American jobs (88%), increase the nation’s energy security (86%), help reduce consumer energy costs (84%), and deliver more revenue to the government (72%). Nearly ¾ believe that some in Washington are intentionally delaying domestic oil and natural gas development, potentially hurting the economy and leading to higher energy costs for consumers.

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