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Regional update: North American downstream industry

Hydrocarbon Engineering,


On 25th August, Chevron Corp. restarted a compressor that was associated with the process unit at the El Segundo refinery, California. The entire unit was shutdown on the previous day after a compressor malfunction. Production at the facility was not affected.


A judge in Idaho has ruled that ConocoPhillips may not use the state’s rural Highway 12 to move giant coking drums to its Billings, Montana refinery. The drums are meant to begin their journey through Idaho on Wednesday next week.


Murphy Oil Corp. has finished a catalyst change on a hydrotreater and hydrocracker that took two weeks from the 5th August at the Meraux facility. This has increased production by 5000 bpd.


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has given penalties to Total with regards to the Port Arthur refinery. The company has been given two fines totaling US$ 493 200. US$ 246 000 is to be paid to the state’s general revenue fund ant the remainder is going to be shared between City of Port Arthur’s Alternative Fuel and Equipment Program and the Texas PTA Clean School Bus Program.

Maintenance work is currently being carried out on the Delek US Holdings owned Tyler, Texas refinery. Repairs are being made to the gasoline producing fluidic catalytic cracking unit. The unit has the capacity to produce 60 000 bpd.


Repairs have been completed on the Fronteir Oil Corp. owned Cheyenne refinery. The facility had been closed since July of this year due to fire. Fronteir are hoping to resume production by the end of this week.

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