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NGV rallies held across Tennessee

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The West Tennessee Gas Association (WTGA) and Middle Tennessee Natural Gas (MTNG), two regional branches of the TGA have held NGV rallies all over the state of Tennessee to bring awareness to the cost savings and environmental benefits of NGVs.

The rallies

MTNG held their rally at Crossville on 27th June and the WTGA held a bigger event as part of their regularly scheduled meeting in Jackson on July 11th. Both were held to demonstrate to the public and local businesses that NGVs are a viable transportation solution. At the Jackson event, Pat Riley of Gisbon County Utility District said, ‘If we can connect people with US$ 2 a gallon for natural gas, and connect industry with US$ 2 a gallon for natural gas, we can keep more money in their pockets.’

NGV benefits

Other than fuel cost savings, the rallies highlighted the fact that using natural gas as a transportation fuel reduces emissions, thereby improving air quality. Moreover, use of domestically produced natural gas reduces US dependence on foreign oil, which improves the nation’s energy security.

The rallies also highlighted that NGV infrastructure already exists in Tennessee and more stations are being built. Currently there are stations available for public use in Memphis, Athens, Nashville and Wartburg, with four others being planned across the state.

More events are being planned for the state and the American Public Gas Association has saluted the TGA and all participating associations, organisations and individuals involved in these important and educational events.

Adapted from press release by Claira Lloyd

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